The Thankfulness Train Day 30.  On this our last day on this “Train of Thankfulness” I thank God that I KNOW Him.  Not just know about Him, but KNOW Him.  There was a time in my life when I played all the “church” games.  I was raised in the church, knew all the things to say and things to do (or appear to do).  Yet one day Jesus came knocking at the door of my heart and clearly spoke to me “you don’t belong to me!!!”.  Oh yes, Lord— I am a member of the church, been baptized, walked and aisle (so many time I had lost count), I teach, I sing, I play…….on and on the list went, and all of it based on “I”.  Yet each time HE said “but you don’t belong to me”.   After  a long day of struggle and wrestling in my heart and soul, I fell on my face and repented of my sin—yes MY sin.  The ugly, rebellious, self-willed hypocrite finally had to look Jesus face to face and see MY sin and HIS loving sacrifice.  I called out to Jesus to save me as I had obviously not saved myself nor had any of the so-called works I had done.  He gloriously and marvelously changed this heart of mine and delivered me from myself into His wonderful grace.  Praise you Jesus—for saving me.  Won’t you be sure today—to whom do you belong?  His blood cleanse from all sin.  He’s still here for YOU.