Mike Keahbone challenged all believers to share their testimony on their Facebook page. I am always glad to share what Jesus has done for me, so here it is—the short version..

I was born and raised in a Christian home. We were a Navy family so we moved a lot. We were not with my dad a lot of the time since we had a home in Mobile, AL and if my mother didn’t like where he was stationed we went home to Mobile. I never went to the same school for 2 full years in a row. When I was 9 years old I walked an aisle and shook the preachers hand and every one took for granted that I knew how to be saved, but I didn’t. So I played church for many years after that, since I went to church faithfully, I knew all the words to use and I was publicly compliant. But there was a raging rebellion in my heart. I married 2 days before I graduated from high school. I had 3 children and still that rebellion was stirring inside me. On more than one occasion I tried to please God with my works but I never found the peace of mind and settling of that rebellion in my heart. I divorced my first husband and broke up two homes to marry my second husband.   What I forgot was that you reap what you sow, and 4 short years later he found someone he liked better than me.   The one thing that came out of that time was that finally called to my heart one day and said clearly to my heart ‘You don’t belong to me!!! ‘  Oh but God I must, I have this long list of works and accomplishments in the church. After a day-long argument with God, I fell on my face and repented of my sinful, rebellion and asked Jesus to save me and change my life. I’m so glad he did. I still had many bad habits and life-choices to work through. When husband number 2 left, I blamed God and entered a tragic 3rd marriage in pure anger against God and it ended tragically after only 2 years. But God wasn’t through cleaning and refining me. Through heartache, life-changes and difficulties that we don’t have space for, God grew me into a woman who was willing to wait on Him and follow Him. After almost 9 years of singleness God brought me a wonderful godly man and we have shared 26 years together serving God and seeing Him work in and through our lives. It hasn’t always been easy, and we have face many challenges, yet I thank God and praise Him with every breath that I take, that He never gave up on me. And like many of that 60’s generation, I had a hard road getting to the truth and overcoming the lies that grasped our hearts. I thank God for the privilege He has given me to serve Him as a wife, mother, friend, teacher and musician. May all that I do bring Him glory.