Bible Ballistics: BBs #243     When The Fog Lifts???

Ever have one of those times or seasons in life when you just felt overwhelmed, confused, unsure or just at a loss to know or understand what you needed to do; to know what God was doing in your life or leading you to do? We’ve all had those times, some of us more often or for longer seasons than others, but when we “wait upon the Lord” He will always bring us through it, and give us strength to persevere through the difficult times.

But they that wait upon the Lord

shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings as eagles;

they shall run, and not be weary;

and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Waiting on the Lord, doesn’t mean sitting, twiddling your thumbs and doing nothing, but it does mean resting in His wisdom, His grace and His timing! And while we are waiting we continue walking forward in the place where God has placed us. When we’re unsure which way to turn, we just keep going straight ahead until God directs a change. When we “wait upon the Lord”, HE will provide what we need—renewed strength to soar above the storm, to run without weariness, and walk on without fainting! WOW!

Daniel was faced with a life-and-death situation in Daniel 2, but he knew where to go! He went to his trusted friends and called them to join him in praying to their “prayer answering” God! Daniel and his friends were living faithful lives for God in Babylon, and now a crises came that could cost them their lives, so what did they do? They united in prayer, and their God heard and answered that prayer. And then Daniel did what we always ought to do when God answers our prayers, he praised GOD, giving Him the glory and rehearsing HIS character.

Daniel answered and said,

Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever:

for wisdom and might are his:

21 And he changeth the times and the seasons:

he removeth kings,

and setteth up kings:

he giveth wisdom unto the wise,

and knowledge to them that know understanding:

22 He revealeth the deep and secret things:

he knoweth what is in the darkness,

and the light dwelleth with him.

23 I thank thee, and praise thee,

O thou God of my fathers,

who hast given me wisdom and might,

and hast made known unto me now

what we desired of thee:

for thou hast now made known unto us

the king’s matter.” Daniel 2:20-23

Oh, to know God as confidently as this young man did. Daniel’s confidence was in the character of his God? We must learn (through God’s Word) and stand in who our God is, and dear friend God isn’t a man, nor is man GOD!!! We must decide if we trust that God IS the one who is faithful in all things, and that what He has promised, HE WILL DO!

And, our God doesn’t do these things because of our great worth, or work or even faithful service—He does it because He is God, and the blood of Jesus restores us to a right relationship with the very God Almighty of the universe! It is because of His great grace and mercy–not our goodness, for we are but sinners saved by HIS grace! As Jesus reminds us in John 15:5:

I am the vine,

ye are the branches:

He that abideth in me, and I in him,

the same bringeth forth much fruit:

for without me ye can do nothing.

Nothing!!! Without Him I can do nothing of any eternal value! But praise God HE saves and change lives; HE can make “cracked” pots useable. I want to share an experience I had recently, which reminded me of the total dependability and perfect order of God, in time, space and history—our God IS GOD! And I thank Him for His sovereign grace and goodness and that it’s not my goodness, worthiness or deservedness—but all ‘good’ is because of HIS Amazing Grace. (Oh, that might make a great song!)

But back to my heart warming encounter. I had been experiencing one of those times of fogginess in what to do about a particular ministry event, and had come to the conclusion that perhaps I needed to just pass on this occasion. I was writing an email to one of the people involved, advising them of the probability of the cancellation of the event, when the phone rang and it was not only a person interested in the event, but also a person that was interested along with several others—God stepped in and cleared the fog. Here I was floundering about how to proceed in this particular ministry, and while praying and proceeding with uncertainty and doubt in a foggy situation, God showed up with perfect timing to confirm my direction and reassure me of the pursuit. As I finished the email, after the phone call was over, I felt like I had just experienced “whip-lash”. God is so good and if we will but walk where He has placed us, and wait on His provision, wisdom and answers we will come out of the “FOG” in His time. What a blessed lesson He reconfirmed to me.

So just a reminder today, no matter how thick your “fog” is, God knows where you are and His answer will arrive on time, and your fog will lift by His grace and in His time!