Bible Ballistics: BBs #409 But It’s Only ‘Today’???


I’d like to share a brief word of encouragement for each of us today—for today is what we have!

This is the LORD’S doing;

it is marvellous in our eyes.

24 This is the day

which the LORD hath made;

we will rejoice

and be glad

in it.” Psalm 118:23-24

It is so easy to get caught up in the “big” picture, and the “future” plans we have that we forget to “live” today! The Psalmist reminds us that whatever is before us—the sunshine, the rain, the beauty, the ugly, the easy or the difficult—“This is the LORD’S doing”! We know that God is totally in charge, but we are so easily distracted and momentarily forget!

What we need to practice is reveling in the truth that our God is ever at work—in all things, and in ‘our’ things, no matter what that involves—and it ought to be “marvellous in our eyes”! When we practice being marveled at the works of God, it helps us enjoy those very marvelous characteristics and traits of our God! And part of that beauty is the wonder of ‘today’!

For “This is the day”—

The day that God has made—

The day that God has given to you/me

The day that you/I can rejoice in HIM

The day that God knows your sorrows and your joys—

The day that God will draw you/I closer to Himself!

If we’ll but “rejoice and be glad in it”, because HE reigns!