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Bible Ballistics: BBs #512  Gratitude Isn’t Seasonal!!!


As we leave this month of November and the “Thanksgiving” season, let us remember that our “Attitude of Gratitude” isn’t a seasonal practice. We are called to be grateful and thankful in all our ways as the children of God. We have so much to be thankful for! While I know the times are busy, I would encourage each of us to take some time as we leave this month behind to ‘make’ time (for you’ll never “find” it!) to make a list that will, as the song says, “Count Your Blessings”! It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘busy’ness of life and forget The One who has blessed us in every way:

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

who hath blessed us

with all spiritual blessings

in heavenly places

in Christ:

4 According as he hath chosen us

in him

before the foundation of the world,

that we should be holy

and without blame

before him

in love:” Ephesians 1:3-4

As God ever blesses us from His heavenly throne—may we reflect His blessings and His glory in all we do, with our “attitude of gratitude”! The choice is always ours—as a modern proverb says so aptly: “Are you humbly grateful, or grumbly hateful”! We are generally one or the other. So in closing, a “Word” of encouragement from Paul on living out what God has put “IN” us—the Spirit of Christ Jesus!

See that none render evil for evil

unto any man;

but ever follow

that which is good,

both among yourselves,

and to all men.

16 Rejoice evermore.

17 Pray without ceasing.

18 In every thing give thanks:

for this is the will of God

in Christ Jesus concerning you.

19 Quench not the Spirit.

20 Despise not prophesyings.

21 Prove all things;

hold fast that which is good.

22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

23 And the very God of peace

sanctify you wholly;

and I pray God

your whole spirit

and soul

and body

be preserved blameless

unto the coming

of our Lord Jesus Christ.

24 Faithful is he that calleth you,

who also will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:15-24

And praise God, HE “will do it”, if we will but yield our heart and mind to Him in all our ways! We can make a difference –we can spread that gratitude around! Just because November has come to an end, let’s be sure that we don’t let our grateful spirit do the same! Gratitude is contagious—let’s not succumb to the spirit of greed all around us. ‘Thank YOU Lord’ is always appropriate!

In every thing give thanks:

for this is the will of God

in Christ Jesus concerning you

Amen and Amen!