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Bible Ballistics: BBs #558.     Remembering With Gratitude???


As we here in the United States celebrate “Memorial Day”’–a day to honor those who have served our country in the military, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, they gave they lives in defense of freedom—I would just like to remind us all (for most of you in other countries also have days of recognition of those who have served your country) that God gave us a “rememberer” (as my granddaughter used to tell us, “somebody stole my ‘rememberer’!) for a reason!  God knew that we were forgetful, so He repeats the important things again and again.

I simply want to share a few thoughts with you as we think of others.

Some remove the landmarks; they violently take away flocks, and feed thereof.” Job 24: 2

Job was referring to those who encroach onto and into that which belongs to others, and I think that is very similar to what is happening in our culture, we have allowed others to take the honor of those who earned it, and mar its honor and dignity.  God also speaks in the Proverbs of landmarks.

Remove not the ancient landmark,

which thy fathers have set.”  Proverbs 22:28

Our founding fathers laid a foundation of righteousness, freedom and respect, yet we are abandoning those for license, lust and legalized sin!  Moving the “ancient landmark” doesn’t’ change the facts but it does cause people to forget the facts and truths.  We must remind ourselves and those around us of God’s truth.  It’s what God called us to do in His instructions to Moses, and I believe they are even more needed today than then.  We are truly a forgetful people.  I simply challenge us each to “consider our ways” and “order our steps” in God’s Word and share that with those in our scope of influence.  Thank you, God, for those who were willing to give their lives for our freedom, and for Jesus who gave HIS life for our eternal freedom from sin—our salvation through the blood of the Lamb!  And. May we be faithful to share with those who follow us!

And when thy son asketh thee in time to come, saying,

What mean the testimonies,

and the statutes,

 and the judgments,

which the LORD our God

hath commanded you?

21 Then thou shalt say unto thy son,

We were Pharaoh’s bondmen in Egypt;

and the LORD brought us out of Egypt

with a mighty hand:

22 And the LORD shewed signs and wonders,

great and sore,

upon Egypt,

upon Pharaoh,

and upon all his household,

before our eyes:

23 And he brought us out from thence,

that he might bring us in,

to give us the land

which he sware unto our fathers.

24 And the LORD commanded us

to do all these statutes,

to fear the LORD our God,

for our good always,

that he might preserve us alive,

as it is at this day.

 25 And it shall be our righteousness,

 if we observe to do all these commandments

before the LORD our God,

as he hath commanded us.”   Deuteronomy 6:20-25

Yet, we must consider the first part of this chapter (and I encourage you to take some time and read the whole chapter), we can only share that which we possess!  What do you possess?  Are you sharing truth with those who are watching you?  May God help us to do a better job of “remembering” and sharing with gratitude—not carelessly forgetting!  Blessings on your day!!!