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Bible Ballistics: BBs #590  God’s Standard Will Stand-Will You???


We live in a culture that becomes more and more focused on ‘self’ each day.  But we who have been “born…..of God” and cleansed by “the blood of Jesus Christ” must remember to keep our eyes on Jesus, the “author and finisher of our faith”!  We must recognize the danger, the lies and the deceit of the enemy of our souls—the enemy of the souls of all men, and “stand fast in the evil day”!  Today, I simply want to share from The Word of God some things to remind us of His truth, even when it’s hard!

Every person must come to Jesus on their own, and no matter how much we pray for it, or desire if for others, only the convicting power of the Holy Spirit can open the eyes of the spiritually blind—may we ever pray for His work to continue, and that we will share God’s truth at every opportunity—spreading the seed as we ask HIM to bring the harvest!

Then said I,

Woe is me!

for I am undone;

because I am a man of unclean lips,

and I dwell in the midst

of a people of unclean lips:

for mine eyes have seen the King,

the LORD of hosts.”  Isaiah 6:5

Isaiah came face to face with God (spiritually) and recognized his sin, and God delivered him from his sin, and that is what we each must do at some point!  We must acknowledge our sin, for if one has no sin—why would he/she need a savior?  Jesus said that repentance is the flip side of faith, for until I see “me” as a sinner, I’ll never need to trust Him, for I have it all under control (I think!).  Jesus is the answer—but until ‘I’ recognize the need, the answer is of no benefit to ‘me’!

And she shall bring forth a son,

and thou shalt call his name JESUS:

for he shall save his people

from their sins.”  Matthew 1:21

Jesus Himself makes this very thing clear!

I tell you, Nay:

but, except ye repent,

ye shall all likewise perish.

4 Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them,

think ye that they were sinners

above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?

5 I tell you, Nay:

but, except ye repent,

ye shall all likewise perish.”  Luke 13:3-5

We can point fingers at other sinners, but without repentance and faith in Jesus, we are in the same boat as they!  Yet, you may ask, what is the standard?  The standard is “The Word Of God”—both the written Word and The Living Word, Jesus!

For the word of God is


and powerful,

and sharper than any twoedged sword,

piercing even to the dividing asunder

of soul and spirit,

and of the joints and marrow,

and is a discerner

of the thoughts

and intents

of the heart.

13 Neither is there any creature

that is not manifest

in his sight:

but all things are naked and opened

unto the eyes of him

with whom we have to do.”  Hebrews 4:12-13

And my friends—it is Godwith whom we have to do”!  While I can’t judge your heart (for sometimes we can’t even truly judge our own hearts), God can and will.  There is a day of reckoning coming, and I pray that you will heed the voice of God speaking to you today and respond in repentance and faith!

And I saw a great white throne,

and him that sat on it,

from whose face the earth and the heaven

fled away;

and there was found no place for them.

12 And I saw the dead,

small and great,

stand before God;

and the books were opened:

and another book was opened,

which is the book of life:

and the dead were judged out of those things

which were written in the books,

according to their works.”   Revelation 20:11-12

Paul reminds us as well:

For it is written,

As I live, saith the Lord,

every knee shall bow

to me,

and every tongue shall confess

to God.

12 So then every one of us

shall give account

of himself

to God.”   Romans 14:11-12

So, my question for us today is, are you/I ready to give an account?  It is an account that will be measured by God’s standard, not our own.  We can choose to bow before Him now as our Lord and Savior, or we will bow before Judge Jesus with no recourse of grace!  The choice is yours/mine but choose wisely for there is a test coming!

Be not deceived;

God is not mocked:

for whatsoever a man soweth,

that shall he also reap.

 8 For he that soweth

to his flesh

shall of the flesh

reap corruption;

but he that soweth

to the Spirit

shall of the Spirit

reap life everlasting.”   Galatians 6:7-8

Just remember hell is hot and eternity is long—your choice about Jesus will determine your future.  Defy Him or follow Him—the choice is yours!

Then said Jesus unto his disciples,

If any man will come after me,

let him deny himself,

and take up his cross,

and follow me.

25 For whosoever will save his life

shall lose it:

and whosoever will lose his life

for my sake

shall find it.

26 For what is a man profited,

if he shall gain the whole world,

and lose his own soul?

or what shall a man give

in exchange for his soul?

27 For the Son of man shall come

in the glory of his Father

with his angels;

and then

he shall reward every man

according to his works.”   Matthew 16:24-27

And remember if you belong to Jesus:

Ye are of God,

little children,

and have overcome them:

because greater is he

that is in you,

than he

that is in the world.”  1 John 4:4

Amen and Amen!