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Bible Ballistics: BBs #615 Walking In The New Or The Old???


Therefore if any man be in Christ,

he is a new creature:

old things are passed away;

behold, all things are become new. 1

8 And all things are of God,

who hath reconciled us to himself

by Jesus Christ,

and hath given to us

the ministry of reconciliation;

19 To wit, that God was in Christ,

reconciling the world

unto himself,

not imputing their trespasses

unto them;

and hath committed unto us

the word of reconciliation.”  2 Corinthians 5:17-19

As most of you who follow me understand, we’ve had some long days, and the weariness is showing, but God’s grace has been and continues to be sufficient, and I know it will ever be.  I want to share a brief word with you this morning, and start with a question, “Where are you walking?”  In the recent tragedy of having my daughter murdered, many have asked, “How do you do it (meaning keep on keeping on in faith)?”; and the answer is simple—not easy—but quite simple, I simply know, that I know, that I know, that I know that GOD IS FAITHFUL!  He is good, HE is still God, and He wasn’t asleep when my daughter died!  She made choices, just like you and I do, and the choice she made, the choice to trust the wrong things cost her her life.

Jesus promises us that He will make us a “new creature…IN Christ”, and while Donna had given her heart to the Lord several years ago, she had fallen into some old habits and choices.  When God saves us, He calls us to be reconcilers of the world to Jesus—not compromisers in that world which Jesus died to saved us from.  What about you?

Are you “going back” to a place that isn’t where God would have you be?  Are your associations leading you away from the God who loves you?  Are you turning to a substance instead of the creator of the universe who saved you?  Are you settling for a bottle of wine as your comfort rather than the ‘lover of your soul”, Jesus, who gave His life for you to have “abundant life”—not just “getting by” life?  Are you searching for significance in poor relationships, substances, busy-ness, or greed?  You know the answers to these questions.  I simply leave you some food for thought.  May God speak to your heart. God will not violate your will, but when we heed HIS voice, He will direct our steps!

Hath a nation changed their gods,

which are yet no gods?

but my people have changed their glory

for that which doth not profit.

12 Be astonished,

O ye heavens,

at this,

and be horribly afraid,

be ye very desolate,

saith the LORD.

13 For my people have committed two evils;

they have forsaken me

the fountain of living waters,

and hewed them out cisterns,

broken cisterns,

that can hold no water.”  Jeremiah 2:11-13

It’s your choice; will you walk in “newness of life” drinking “living waters”; or will you settle for “broken cisterns” of your own making?  Are you being a “reconciler” or a “wrecker”?

I pray that God will speak to your heart today.  I love you—God loves you—take it to JESUS!   Amen and Amen!