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Bible Ballistics: BBs #637  Look Up To Jesus Not Down???


We recently talked about Daniel and his faith, and I would like to share just a brief word today about looking “up” to The Lord and not “around” at the “lions” who are roaring around us.  Here is my paraphrase of Psalm 121.

 “I will lift up mine eyes—I look around for help–

unto the hills,–at all around me (situations)-

from whence cometh—then I consider my source–

my help.—knowing that I am helpless alone–

2 My help—I look to God, He knows my helplessness–

cometh from the LORD,–God IS MY source–

which made heaven and earth.—Creator–

3 He will not suffer thy foot—my steps are HIS-

to be moved:–He helps me stand in truth–

he that keepeth thee—I’m secure in HIS care–

will not slumber.—He IS always with me–

4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel—Always–

shall neither slumber nor sleep.—Vigilant-

5 The LORD—The Savior before whom I bow–

is thy keeper:–HE never leaves or fails–

the LORD—The God who is sufficient in all things–

is thy shade—stops the glare from blinding me–

upon thy right hand.—ever reachable–

6 The sun—no forces of this world control me–

shall not smite thee by day,— nor harm me-

nor the moon—even the reflections don’t harm–

by night.—for My God IS Light–

7 The LORD—The King who rules–

shall preserve thee—The God Who keeps–

from all evil:–I can trust to His care–

he shall preserve—He accomplishes His work in me–

thy soul.—He works in the core of my being–

8 The LORD—The Ruler of all events and time–

shall preserve—He keeps me from corruption–

thy going out—when I’m exhausted–

and thy coming in—when I’m full–

from this time forth,–even right now–

and even for evermore.”—and always!

I pray that God will comfort, encourage and strengthen you today and each day as you remember to look to the Lord not those lions that are surrounding you.  Blessings on you and yours as we all face the difficult circumstances around us!

Amen and Amen!!!