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Bible Ballistics: BBs #661  Are You Being Fooled???


I would like to share a word today about our associations, and the need for caution and wisdom in choosing whom or what ideologies and movements we align ourselves with.  For today many are hopping on board with people whose goals and ideologies are foreign, and often opposed, to the call and biblical principles of Jesus and HIS Word.

I truly believe that my call is to adhere to, love and obey God’s Word rather than the latest movement of the day—be it political, religious, or social.  The Word of God is to be our compass, our guide and the solid rock upon which we can stand without fear of collapse.  Jesus gives us a sure warning!

Therefore whosoever heareth

these sayings of mine,

and doeth them,

I will liken him unto a wise man,

which built his house upon a rock:

25 And the rain descended,

and the floods came,

and the winds blew,

and beat upon that house;

and it fell not:

for it was founded upon a rock.

26 And every one that heareth

these sayings of mine,

and doeth them not,

shall be likened unto a foolish man,

which built his house upon the sand:

27 And the rain descended,

and the floods came,

and the winds blew,

and beat upon that house;

and it fell:

and great was the fall of it.”                   Matthew 7:24-26

Where is your house built?  Jesus also warned us that, in my words, “saying so doesn’t make it so”; just because someone claims to be leading in the right direction, you need to check out who you are following, and believing!

Beware of false prophets, which come to you

in sheep’s clothing,

but inwardly

they are ravening wolves.”   Matthew 7:15

Paul gives us some good advice for responding to cultural issues; and he reminds us (it is dear to my heart) that we have One call—and that is to preach Christ Jesus—Lord of all, crucified, risen and coming again!  It is so easy to have our focus distracted and find ourselves of little use to God after we have ruined our testimony by being distracted by the call of the world’s “causes”!

I exhort therefore, that, first of all,




and giving of thanks,

be made for all men;

2 For kings,

and for all that are in authority;

that we may lead a quiet

and peaceable life

in all godliness

and honesty.

3 For this is good and acceptable

in the sight of God our Saviour;

4 Who will have all men to be saved,

and to come unto the knowledge

of the truth.

5 For there is one God,

and one mediator

between God and men,

the man Christ Jesus;

6 Who gave himself a ransom

for all,

to be testified in due time.”  I Timothy 2:1-6

And if I may take the liberty—it’s past time to return to our calling as children of God; and that my friends is the desire of my heart—to be found faithful to to my Lord Jesus Christ when He comes, or when He calls me unto Himself!

And I, brethren,

when I came to you,

came not with excellency of speech

or of wisdom,

declaring unto you the testimony

of God.

2 For I determined

not to know any thing among you,

save Jesus Christ,

and him crucified.”   1 Corinthians 2:1-2

It’s all about Jesus—He died for ME and YOU!  Who are you abandoning Jesus for?  We are called to live for Jesus, not our own fickle fancies of the day.  May God open our eyes!

I am crucified with Christ:

nevertheless I live;

yet not I,

but Christ liveth in me:

and the life which I now live in the flesh

I live by the faith of the Son of God,

who loved me,

and gave himself for me.”  Galatians 2:20

Amen and Amen!!!