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Bible Ballistics: BBs #670  Show Or Substance???


It’s been a challenging week for a lot of reasons, but mainly just the ups and downs of life, grief and the world around us; so I would like us to consider what we are depending on—where is our hope—who is our security—how do we press on?  The only certain answer to all of those questions is Jesus!  And because He loves us, HE came to give us life—abundant life, and pardon just as The Father promised.

Let the wicked forsake his way,

and the unrighteous man his thoughts:

and let him return unto the LORD,

and he will have mercy upon him;

and to our God,

for he will abundantly pardon.

8 For my thoughts

are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways

my ways,

saith the LORD.

9 For as the heavens

are higher than the earth,

so are my ways

higher than your ways,

and my thoughts

than your thoughts.”  Isaiah 55:7-9

Even as Jesus told Nicodemus, He came to save, even though it would cost Him His life’s blood; He came to die, to save you and me—He willingly came to die that we might live!

And as Moses lifted up the serpent

in the wilderness,

even so must the Son of man

be lifted up:

15 That whosoever believeth in him

should not perish,

but have eternal life.

16 For God so loved the world,

that he gave

his only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in him

should not perish,

but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son

into the world

to condemn the world;

but that the world

through him

might be saved.

18 He that believeth on him

is not condemned:

but he that believeth not

is condemned already,

because he hath not believed

in the name

of the only begotten

Son of God.”  John 3:14-18

God loves us, He hates the sin that plagues us, so He had already made the plan for our salvation before we needed it!  He knew and HE created us anyway!  (See John 17:24; Ephesians 1:4; and 1 Peter 1:20) What amazing love—a love that is here for you, if you will but reach out and take His hand—receiving His substitutionary, atoning, sacrifice for your sin and mine!  The Psalmist said it better than I can.

Our soul waiteth for the LORD:

he is our help

and our shield.

21 For our heart shall rejoice in him,

because we have trusted

in his holy name.

22 Let thy mercy, O LORD,

be upon us,

according as we hope in thee.”  Psalms 32:22

Jesus IS our hope and confidence, as I’m often heard to say, “My confidence is in Jesus, not the government nor the weatherman!”  And praise God we can rest assured that our God reigns in all and is accomplishing HIS purposes all around us; and when we keep our eyes on HIM and walk in trust and obedience, we will find HE is the “substance” not just a “flash in the pan” show!  He is the only One who can not only give us abundant life but sustain us in it—and it in us!!

I am the door:

by me if any man enter in,

he shall be saved,

and shall go in and out,

and find pasture.

10 The thief cometh not,

but for to steal,

and to kill,

and to destroy:

I am come

that they might have life,

and that they might have it

more abundantly.

11 I am the good shepherd:

the good shepherd giveth his life

for the sheep.”  John 10:9-11

Are you HIS sheep?  Or are you putting on a show for the seeming benefit of others?  Remember there is only One way to God, and HIS name is Jesus!  And while you may be able to fool the world, you can’t fool God!  Remember:

There is a way that seemeth right

unto a man,

but the end thereof

are the ways of death.”  Proverbs 16:25

And Jesus said it best!

Not every one that saith unto me,

Lord, Lord,

shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;

but he that doeth the will

of my Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will say

to me

in that day,

Lord, Lord,

have we not prophesied

in thy name?

and in thy name

have cast out devils?

and in thy name

done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them,

I never knew you:

depart from me,

ye that work iniquity.”   Matthew 7:21-23

Are you trusting in what “you” say, or what “Jesus has done” for you and me?

On a side note, I’ve been thinking a lot about my daughter this week, and as I was pondering on Psalm 23, God’s Word spoke to my heart in a new way.  As David encouraged us to know that even though we “walk through the valley of the shadow of death”,  it doesn’t necessarily refer to just our own journey through that valley, but the journey that we sometimes have to take through that valley due to the death of someone else.  Yet God is still faithful, and HE is faithful to me now, as I continue to walk through this time of grief, sorrow, and sadness, yet my eyes can bring comfort to my soul as I look heavenward knowing that I need not “fear” any evil because just as David said,

I will fear no evil:

for thou art with me;

thy rod and thy staff

they comfort me”!

So, I pray that today you will hear the voice of The One who gave Himself for our salvation and that we might receive HIS “abundant” life; life IN Himself!  And if you don’t know Him, I pray that you will hear His voice today, and open your heart’s door to His call.


I stand at the door,

and knock:

if any man hear my voice,

and open the door,

I will come in to him,

and will sup with him,

and he with me.”   Revelation 3:20

Amen and Amen!!!