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Bible Ballistics: BBs #689  You Don’t Always Know???


Those of you who follow my blog know that I often close with a couple of phrases, “It’s your choice!  Choose wisely, there is a test!” (I borrowed this from a Pastor Friend, Bro. Scott Wright).  I often use this in regard to the final test at Christ’s coming, or our facing HIM at our death, but there are other tests.  I’d like to talk about them.

We don’t always know when the tests may come, but we can know how to handle them!  We handle our trials and tests by keeping our eyes on Jesus not the world.  Much like Daniel.

Then these men assembled unto the king,

 and said unto the king,

Know, O king,

that the law of the Medes and Persians is,

That no decree nor statute

which the king establisheth

may be changed.

16 Then the king commanded,

and they brought Daniel,

and cast him into the den of lions.

Now the king spake and said unto Daniel,

Thy God

whom thou servest continually,

he will deliver thee.

17 And a stone was brought,

and laid upon the mouth of the den;

and the king sealed it

with his own signet,

and with the signet of his lords;

that the purpose might not be changed

concerning Daniel.”  Daniel 6:15-16

I love Daniel and he stands in such contrast to our day’s politics, for Daniel was a godly man serving in an ungodly society—but his integrity was undeniable, even by his enemies who had to seek alternate ideas to discredit him.  Yet even when Daniel was set up, caught and accused of “civil disobedience” because of his faithful service to his God, his enemies were seen for what they were.  But, Daniel still wound up in the “den of lions”, yet even the king knew that Daniel’s God would take care of him.  What would God think of us—you and me—as we face opposition, false accusation, or just plain hate that is so rampant in our culture today.  You and I don’t always know when or where the test may come, but we can always be assured that, like Daniel, we can trust to our Lord God and King—Jesus!  And because of Daniel’s faith (not his doubting, pouting or dropping outing—also borrowed my former pastor Brad McCoy!—just giving some credit where credit is due!), accompanied by a life of faithful, continual service to God and others, he was openly acknowledged by his God.  My question of us is, “Do others see Jesus IN us?  IN our actions?  IN our speech?  IN our attitudes?  IN our work?  Has your test come and you failed it?  Today is a new day!  Let’s pursue the excellence that Daniel did—consider the results!

Then the king arose very early in the morning, and went in haste unto the den of lions.

20 And when he came to the den,

he cried with a lamentable voice unto Daniel:

and the king spake and said to Daniel,

O Daniel,

servant of the living God,

is thy God,

whom thou servest continually,

able to deliver thee

from the lions?

21 Then said Daniel unto the king,

O king, live for ever.

22 My God hath sent his angel,

and hath shut the lions’ mouths,

that they have not hurt me:

forasmuch as before him

innocency was found in me;

and also before thee, O king,

have I done no hurt.

23 Then was the king exceeding glad for him,

and commanded that they should take Daniel

up out of the den.

So Daniel was taken up out of the den,

and no manner of hurt was found upon him,

because he believed in his God.”  Daniel 6:19-23

God showed up for HIS glory, Daniel’s good and the increase of The Kingdom—God’s Kingdom, that is!  And if you want to see what happened to his enemies you can read the rest of the chapter!  Just remember that real faith/belief is always exhibited through obedience!

So, my encouragement for us today is a challenge for each of us to walk in faithful integrity before our God and others.  God is ready to be real in your life if you’ll but trust Him and be willing and diligent to live a life (like Daniel) of faithfulness to God, to His Word and to His ways!  It’s then that the tests won’t cause you to stumble or try to “fix it yourself”!  Daniel relied upon HIS God to take care of his enemies—it isn’t easy, but with God’s help it’s doable!

I can do

all things

through Christ

which strengtheneth me.”   Philippians 4:13

That’s all folks!  Blessings on you and yours!

Amen and Amen!!!