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Bible Ballistics: BBs #691  Worship—A State Not A Place???


Just a few thoughts this morning about worship: what is worship; where does it take place; when does it take place; why does it take place; who really worships; how can we become true worshippers?  All these are questions we need to consider, especially in these tumultuous days which seem to confront us in such mind-boggling ways!  If worship is a state of mind and heart rather than a “place”, how do we get there.  Let’s allow scripture to answer these questions.

Worship—reverent homage and honor paid to God or a

Sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred-

One of the definitions of the Greek word that Jesus used in Matthew 4:10, says:

Worship–To crouch…to prostrate oneself in homage…to do reverence to…to adore—worship—

Jesus makes it clear for us that real worship of God will yield service in the life of the worshipper.  I find it apropos that this was one of the three temptations that Satan challenged Jesus in; what would our answer have been?  What have we bowed down to?  Where have we failed to truly worship God?

Then saith Jesus unto him,

Get thee hence, Satan:

for it is written,

Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,

and him only

shalt thou serve.”  Matthew 4:10

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus makes it clear that we are called to be “exclusionists”—not a popular idea—but we are called here by Jesus to worship “him only” and we are to serve “him only”.  Jesus also makes this clear in another passage that we need to consider in our ‘multi-tasking’ mindset.  We have allowed our cultural influence to rollover into our idea of worship (thinking we just add worship on to our already loaded schedule and give “God a nod” when we have the time!).  Jesus says different!

No man can serve two masters:

for either he will hate the one,

and love the other;

or else he will hold to the one,

and despise the other.

Ye cannot

serve God

and mammon.”  Matthew 6:24

And as we spoke of recently—we must understand and acknowledge that we are “bought with a price” and we are living in God’s presence—whether we act like it or not—and to know and submit ourselves to our God and King is the beginning of true worship.  Living in God’s presence at every turn, giving ourselves to be His “witnesses” before a lost and dying world.


know ye not

that your body is the temple

of the Holy Ghost

which is in you,

which ye have of God,

and ye are not your own?

20 For ye are bought with a price:

therefore glorify God

in your body,

and in your spirit,

which are God’s.”   1 Corinthians 6:19-20

When we are “born again” we receive new life in Jesus, and our life is to be lived unto Him.  Paul put it best to the Romans—we need a mindset toward God in all things.

For of him,

and through him,

and to him,

are all things:

to whom be glory for ever. Amen.”  Romans 11:36

Whom are we glorifying?  Self?  The powers that be?  Power that we want?  Fame?  Fortune? Prominence?  We are to be the witnesses of Jesus.  It’s what He left us here to BE!  And when we will BE His witness, the right doing will always accompany the ‘being’!

When they therefore were come together,

they asked of him, saying,

Lord, wilt thou at this time

restore again the kingdom

to Israel?

7 And he said unto them,

It is not for you to know

the times

or the seasons,

which the Father hath put

in his own power.

8 But ye shall receive power,

after that the Holy Ghost

is come upon you:

and ye shall be witnesses unto me

both in Jerusalem,

and in all Judaea,

and in Samaria,

and unto the uttermost part

of the earth.”  Acts 1:6-8

Don’t fret over yesterday or tomorrow, or the times and seasons, rather live for Jesus in each and every moment that HE gives us “TODAY”!  Live in His presence deliberately!  Walk in His ways continually!  Speak godliness in all things.  Remember that we “are” a witness in all we do and say—all be it, a good one or a bad one, but we are witnesses!  Are you glorying God by a life of worship?  Or are you ashamed to let others know that you are HIS?  Or even worse, are you oblivious to your condition and you unwittingly bring shame to the name of Jesus?

I’d like to share two other passages that I pray will encourage you on your way as good witnesses to the King who bought our salvation with His own blood.  May God speak anew and afresh to you and me through HIS Word!

But thanks be to God,

which giveth us the victory

through our Lord Jesus Christ.

58 Therefore, my beloved brethren,

be ye stedfast,


always abounding in the work of the Lord,

forasmuch as ye know

that your labour is not in vain

in the Lord.”   1 Corinthians 15:57-58

Is your labor “in the Lord”?  If you’ve been born again, it ought to be?  Consider Paul’s call to the believers at Rome:

I beseech you therefore, brethren,

by the mercies of God,

that ye present your bodies

a living sacrifice,


acceptable unto God,

which is your reasonable service.

2 And be not conformed to this world:

but be ye transformed

by the renewing of your mind,

that ye may prove what is that


and acceptable,

and perfect,

will of God.” Romans 12:1-2

May God speak to our hearts, and may we truly learn to live a life of total worship before our God; not just in songs (of whatever kind) at church or raising “holy hands” in a “worship service” (not that there is anything wrong with those things—But God wants our all—all the time), but by living a life of devotion to the God who saves us, keeps us and desires for our hearts to be in tune with HIM.  Even as Jesus prayed for us all in John 17.

And now I am no more in the world,

but these are in the world,

and I come to thee. Holy Father,

keep through thine own name

those whom thou hast given me,

that they may be one,

as we are…

….23 I in them,

and thou in me,

that they may be made perfect

in one;

and that the world may know

that thou hast sent me,

and hast loved them,

as thou hast loved me.”  John 17:11 & 23

Amen and Amen!!!