Bible Ballistics: BBs #247      More Blessed To Give???

As we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the focus most often is on “what will I get”; but I’d like to challenge us to focus on, “what can I give”. Paul once shared with the Ephesian church leaders, as He passed by on his way to Jerusalem (and ultimately on to imprisonment in Rome), a message that provides a great reminder to check our “focus”—is it on “self” or “others”?

And now, brethren,

I commend you to God,

and to the word of his grace,

which is able to build you up,

and to give you an inheritance

among all them which are sanctified.

33 I have coveted no man’s


or gold,

or apparel.

34 Yea, ye yourselves know,

that these hands

have ministered

unto my necessities,

and to them that were with me.

35 I have shewed you all things,

how that so labouring

ye ought to support the weak,

and to remember

the words of the Lord Jesus,

how he said,

It is more blessed to give than to receive.”    Acts 20:32-35

Paul reminds us that our job is to share! And as we see our culture become more and more “self” focused, we must continually remind ourselves that it ismore blessed to give than to receive”! We are not to see the world through “rose colored glasses”, but we are to see the world through “the eyes of Jesus”! And Jesus was always aware of the needs of those who came to Him—their real needs.

Paul reminded his friends that he had worked with his own hands to take care of his personal needs, as well as those in company with him; and he calls his brothers and sisters to follow his example. We are to provide for our own needs but also to “to support the weak” with the thought in mind that it is always, always, always “more blessed to give than to receive”!!! If we can but get it, we would be so much more contented and fulfilled in all our ways!!!

And to share a bit of a jump-start, I’ll share a little help to whet your appetite for giving and doing: it’s often the little things that mean the most to people. When was the last time that you called someone and told them they were special to you, or wrote them a note, or took them a simple flower out of your garden (or bought one if you don’t have a garden)? There are so many small things that we can do that could mean to world to someone else. Here are some simple suggestions:

Ask a widow to lunch—

Make some cookies and share with a neighbor—

Ask a ‘senior’ if they need any tasks done—

Take a single rose to a friend—

Make some baked goodies and take them to:

A nurse’s station at the hospital—

The fire station—

The police/sheriff’s office—

The school office—

A local charity’s office—

Your church office—

You get the idea — just ask God to lead your hands and feet somewhere this weekend to share a smile and an act of kindness with someone who may need it!!!