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Bible Ballistics: Vol. 12 No.17   Come To Worship HIM???


And they sung a new song, saying,

Thou art worthy to take the book,

and to open the seals thereof:

for thou wast slain,

and hast redeemed us to God

by thy blood

out of every kindred,

and tongue,

and people,

and nation;

10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests:

and we shall reign on the earth.

11 And I beheld, and I heard the voice

of many angels

round about the throne

and the beasts

and the elders:

and the number of them was

ten thousand times ten thousand,

and thousands of thousands;

12 Saying with a loud voice,

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain

to receive power,

and riches,

and wisdom,

and strength,

and honour,

and glory,

and blessing.” Revelation 4:9-12

This is the song of praise that is lifted up when The Lamb of God (“who takes away the sin of the world”) takes the “book/scroll” that will initiate the culmination of God’s plan for the ages. Jesus, The Lamb, takes the book and receives this praise, glory and honor that only God is worthy to receive! But then, Jesus is God, and worthy of our praise and worship. Even as Jesus was coming into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, and the crowds were praising Him as the “King” who had come in ‘The Name of The Lord’, and the religious leaders rebuked Him for receiving this praise, He declared His worthiness to receive worship and glory! And worship actually comes from an old English word meaning “worth-ship”. And HE truly is worthy of worship!

Saying, Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest. 39 And some of the Pharisees from among the multitude said unto him,


rebuke thy disciples.

40 And he answered and said unto them,

I tell you that,

if these should hold their peace,

the stones

would immediately

cry out.” Luke 19:38-40

Jesus was in conflict with these leaders during most of His earthly ministry, even though He revealed truth to them time and time again, but they didn’t want to receive HIM or HIS testimony of being The Messiah. Yet God had confirmed His deity throughout His mission of salvation, and not once did God rebuke anyone who “worshipped” HIM!

I am the LORD:

that is my name:

and my glory

will I not give to another,

neither my praise

to graven images.

9 Behold, the former things are come to pass,

and new things do I declare:

before they spring forth

I tell you of them.

10 Sing unto the LORD

a new song,

and his praise

from the end of the earth,

ye that go down to the sea,

and all that is therein;

the isles,

and the inhabitants thereof.”   Isaiah 42:8-10

Jesus, contrary to a lot of teaching going around today, did proclaim Himself to be God—God the Son—who had come to accomplish the work of salvation, which The Father sent Him to do.

And she shall bring forth a son,

and thou shalt call his name JESUS:

for he shall save his people

from their sins.

22 Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying,

23 Behold,

a virgin shall be with child,

and shall bring forth a son,

and they shall call his name


which being interpreted is,

God with us.”    Matthew 1:21-23

Jesus was, “God with us”, who came to “save his people from their sins”, and we are made “his people” by faith in His substitutionary, atoning, sacrifice which saves people “from their sins”! Oh, how grateful we are for the “Amazing Grace” that God extends to all who will believe in Jesus, and receive the new birth of salvation, and the “Spirit of God”, who teaches us what real worship is. The same picture that Jesus reveled to the woman at the Well of Sychar—the first person on record to hear Jesus directly proclaim His deity as The Messiah!!!

But the hour cometh,

and now is,

when the true worshippers

shall worship the Father

in spirit

and in truth:

for the Father seeketh such

to worship him.

24 God is a Spirit:

and they that worship him

must worship him

in spirit

and in truth.

25 The woman saith unto him,

I know that Messias cometh,

which is called Christ:

when he is come,

he will tell us all things.

26 Jesus saith unto her,

I that speak unto thee

am he.”   John 4:23-26

Jesus is worthy of our worship because HE is “spirit” and “truth”! He IS God!

My sheep hear my voice,

and I know them,

and they follow me:

28 And I give unto them eternal life;

and they shall never perish,

neither shall any man

pluck them out of

my hand.

29 My Father,

which gave them me,

is greater than all;

and no man is able to pluck them

out of my Father’s hand.

30 I and my Father are one.

31 Then the Jews took up stones again

to stone him.” John 10:27-31

Jesus clearly proclaimed Himself to be “God”! And notice, not only did they want to stone Him, but also it wasn’t the first time, they “took up stones again to stone him”! But why did they want to stone Him, many say that they didn’t understand, but the scripture tells us different:

33 The Jews answered him, saying,

For a good work we stone thee not;

but for blasphemy;

and because that thou,

being a man,

makest thyself God.” John 10:33

Instead of those multitudes that fall down and worship Him in Revelation 5, these leaders refused to receive the truth, and accused Jesus (the very Savior they said they were looking for) of blasphemy—they truly had, as Jesus told them again and again, no desire to perceive truth!

Therefore speak I to them in parables:

because they seeing

see not;

and hearing

they hear not,

neither do they understand.

14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias,

which saith,

By hearing

ye shall hear,

and shall not understand;

and seeing

ye shall see,

and shall not perceive:

15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross,

and their ears are dull of hearing,

and their eyes they have closed;

lest at any time they should see

with their eyes,

and hear

with their ears,

and should understand

with their heart,

and should be converted,

and I should heal them.”    Matthew 13:13-15

Jesus wants us to receive Him and know Him and His Father in the new birth so that we can truly be those who “worship him in spirit and in truth”! We can actually receive the “righteousness of God” which enables us to know Him and walk with Him as a “new creation”—all by the power of His indwelling Holy Spirit; for without Jesus and His Spirit we cannot truly worship in “spirit” or “truth”.

So then they that are in the flesh

cannot please God.

9 But ye are not in the flesh,

but in the Spirit,

if so be that the Spirit of God

dwell in you.

Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ,

he is none of his.” Romans 8:8-9

And how do we acquire this “spirit”? Only by faith in the Son’s sacrifice for our sin, and by faith the very presence of “The Spirit of Christ”, who is the confirmation of our salvation. It is also by HIS power and direction that we can truly worship in “Spirit and Truth” knowing the very presence of our Lord. Even as Jesus said:

I am the vine,

ye are the branches:

He that abideth in me,

and I in him,

the same bringeth forth much fruit:

for without me ye can do nothing.”   John 15:5

When we receive Him, He is IN us, and we are IN Him, and God is conforming us into the image of His Son, affecting change in us, which will in turn affect those around us.

For he hath made him

to be sin for us,

who knew no sin;

that we might be made

the righteousness

of God

in him.”   2 Corinthians 5:21

As we saw in Revelation 5, He bought and paid for our salvation, and makes us children of God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit! (See John 1:12-14)

for thou wast slain,

and hast redeemed us to God

by thy blood

And contrary to popular belief, there aren’t many ways to God—only ONE—the ONE who shed HIS blood for us!!!

Jesus saith unto him,

I am the way,

the truth,

and the life:

no man cometh unto the Father,



me.”   John 14:6

That IS why HE is worthy of our praise, worship and obedient service! How are you worshipping God, in Spirit and truth, or with lip service only? You may be able to fool others, but as my mother used to say, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can never fool God!” Are you walking “in the Spirit” or “the flesh”? It will tell, for you must possess (and be possessed by) the Holy Spirit or you are not HIS (Look above at Romans 8:9).

This I say then,

Walk in the Spirit,

and ye shall not fulfil the lust

of the flesh……..

24 And they that are Christ’s

have crucified the flesh

with the affections and lusts.

25 If we live in the Spirit,

let us also walk in the Spirit.”   Galatians 5:16 & 24-25

Are we singing His praises on Sunday, yet living in direct opposition to His Word the other 6 days of the week? That, my friends, is not true worship—no Spirit—no Truth—it’s not worship. Simply put, worship is living life, by The Spirit, in obedience to The One whom we claim as Lord. Jesus made this very clear in Matthew 7.

Wherefore by their fruits

ye shall know them.

21 Not every one that saith unto me,



shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;

but he that doeth the will

of my Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will say

to me

in that day,

Lord, Lord,

have we not prophesied in thy name?

and in thy name have cast out devils?

and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess

unto them,

I never knew you:

depart from me,

ye that work iniquity.”   Matthew 7:20-23

Are you living a life that “says,” “Lord, Lord” but acts out “Me, Me”? The closing of Jesus message in Matthew 7, puts the icing on the cake—it’s not how your life appears to the world, but what your foundation consists of—Jesus, the rock, or the sand of the world. You may have everyone fooled, but the storms will come and will reveal the truth, no matter how “pretty” your house appears on the outside! This simple example implies that both houses looked alike until the storms came—and they will come! What about YOU?

Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings

of mine,

and doeth them,

I will liken him unto a wise man,

which built his house upon a rock:

25 And the rain descended,

and the floods came,

and the winds blew,

and beat upon that house;

and it fell not:

for it was founded upon a rock.

26 And every one that heareth these sayings

of mine,

and doeth them not,

shall be likened unto a foolish man,

which built his house upon the sand:

27 And the rain descended,

and the floods came,

and the winds blew,

and beat upon that house;

and it fell:

and great was the fall of it.”   Mathew 7:24-27

So what we find here are two men, each one built a house, and chose the foundation; one chose the “rock” as his foundation, the other chose the “sand” for his foundation, it was easier, it was quicker, it was cheaper, and besides no one would see what foundation he had! But our choices will always bring their own consequences, for the storms will come. Jesus didn’t say, “if the storms came”, He said they “came”—maybe not today, or tomorrow but they will come! And the foundation that you have chosen will be revealed, for the consequence will follow the choice!

Be not deceived;

God is not mocked:

for whatsoever a man soweth,

that shall he also reap.

8 For he that soweth to his flesh

shall of the flesh reap corruption;

but he that soweth to the Spirit

shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

9 And let us not be weary

in well doing:

for in due season

we shall reap,

if we faint not. Galatians 6:7-9

I think Paul’s message here parallels what Jesus said about our choice of the road we follow, and our choice of a ‘life’ road will determine our destiny—both the living of it as well as our eternal destiny.

Enter ye in at the strait gate:

for wide is the gate,

and broad is the way,

that leadeth to destruction,

and many there be

which go in thereat:

14 Because strait is the gate,

and narrow is the way,

which leadeth unto life,

and few there be

that find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

So as we are surrounded by the seasonal things of Christmas, may we truly be like the “Wise Men” and worship HIM not the trappings! They gave—they didn’t seek gifts!


Where is he that is born King of the Jews?

for we have seen his star in the east,

and are come to worship him……..

11 And when they were come into the house,

they saw the young child

with Mary his mother,

and fell down,

and worshipped him:

and when they had opened their treasures,

they presented unto him gifts;


and frankincense,

and myrrh.” Matthew 2:2 & 11

Have you “come to worship HIM”, or have you come to be worshipped? The choice is ours, may we choose wisely, for there is a test at the end. Is our life a sacrifice of praise and worship before Him, or are we too busy taking care of self! May our praise and worship be genuine and offered in Spirit and Truth, to HIM who “is born King of the Jews”? Don’t let the glitter and the busyness of the season rob you of the joy of true worship of our soon-coming KING! May we hear Him say “well done, thou good and faithful servant” not “I never knew you….depart from me”?

By him therefore

let us offer the sacrifice of praise

to God


that is,

the fruit of our lips

giving thanks to his name.

16 But to do good

and to communicate

forget not:

for with such sacrifices

God is well pleased.” Hebrews 13:5-6

Amen and Amen!!!